What I Wish I Had Known/What I Wish They Knew

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The Dallas Baptist Association interviews seasoned ministry leaders and voices from the community who share their insights and perspectives on what they wish they had known and what they wish the Church knew. New Episodes bi-monthly.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Larry Venable, Pastor, Freeman Heights Baptist Church, Garland, TX

    How can church leaders help lead their churches to both reflect and serve their local communities? Listen to Larry Venable, pastor of Freeman Heights Baptist Church, as he shares insight in guiding congregations to connect with their communities and encourages leaders to remain faithful to their calling. ...


  2. Rosie Shields, Faith Based & Community Engagement Specialist, DFPS

    As Christians we are called to care for vulnerable children, in this episode we get to hear from Rosie Shields, Faith Based & Community Engagement Specialist DFPS, she shares with us what she wishes the Church knew about working with and caring for vulnerable children. She lays out easy ways ...


  3. Dr. Bob Dean, Dallas Baptist Association

    Our first guest for our podcast is Dr. Bob Dean, Executive Director, Dallas Baptist Association. He shares wisdom and lessons he has learned over 45 years of ministry. We hope you enjoy listing! ...